Publishers Australia partners with Effective Measure to maximize publishers’ digital assets

Publishers Australia members to benefit from deep data insights

SYDNEY, 16 November 2012 – The Australian magazine publishing sector is poised to take a leap forward in digital audience measurement following a strategic partnership between Publishers Australia and Effective Measure.

Effective Measure is an Australian founded and developed online data measurement specialist providing audience profiling and rich data to premium publishers, ad agencies, ad networks, advertisers and researchers.

Publishers Australia and Effective Measure announced their new partnership at the 2nd Annual Magazine Week conference in Sydney today.

Under the alliance, Effective Measure will offer all existing and new Publishers Australia members with free tagging of their websites. This is extended to all publishers’ networks that deliver under four million page views per month.

“Digital measurement is becoming increasingly important to our members as digital media consumption escalates across new platforms and mobile devices. The alliance with Effective Measure will give our members the tools and data to take on the digital shift with greater ease and in a huge scale,” said Publishers Australia CEO Matthew Green.

Across 12 months, Effective Measure will run surveys on their sites which will give Australian publishers rich insights into their audiences. Publishers will have 24/7 access to this data on their own dedicated dashboards, which will empower their negotiations and visibility with media agencies, advertisers and research organisations.

“Being part of the Effective Measure platform empower Australian publishers to take control of their own audience data and use it in sophisticated ways to increase commercial opportunities and enhance editorial engagement. It is the perfect way to maximise their digital assets,” said Effective Measure MD Australia & New Zealand, Ben Sharp.

The Australian Effective Measure platform already profiles over 150,000 online users. Australian publishers that already enjoy the benefits of Effective Measure’s solution include Private Media, Australian Independent Business Media, Haymarket, IDG Network Ten, Sporting Pulse and REA.

“This alliance will help publishers of all sizes and stages in their digital development reap the benefits of high-end measurement and sophisticated data that their larger counterparts already leverage to extend commercial opportunities,” Effective Measure CEO Richard Webb said.

Publishers Australia and Effective Measure will hold information sessions in early 2013 to assist in rolling out the platform to publishers. More details will follow from Publishers Australia.

The paramount issue of online auditing was examined today, on Day 2 of the Magazine Week conference in the session, ‘Online Auditing – Does it still carry weight?’.

The panel which included Effective Measure CEO – Richard Webb, Circulations Audit Bureau CEO – Paul Doves, The Business Spectator GM – Nicholas Gary, Edentify Managing Partner David Gaines and Nielsen MD Media Group – Matt Bruce, canvassed the issues of data overload and how to use it effectively and with demonstrable ROI.

“Audiences are best served when we understand them more thoroughly. Publishers need a comprehensive view that allows behavioural data to be overlaid with deeper insights into the profile of the user, which is the approach we take at Effective Measure. We have been driving innovation in emerging markets around the globe and are in a perfect position, to now bring that vision and insight into the local market, to help empower the Australian publishing sector,” Webb said.

About Effective Measure
Effective Measure is the leading provider of media planning and audience profiling solutions in the emerging markets, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, ad agencies, ad networks, advertisers and researchers. Our solutions offer media planners invested in India, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, a clear insight into the state of the Internet and the ever-growing consumer population.


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Havas supports publishers to opt-in to Effective Measure's data contribution model. It's a win-win for both Publisher and Client. Publishers will receive extra revenue, and Clients will benefit from more targeted programmatic campaigns.

The OmnicomMedia Group has a significant pipeline of audience buying opportunities that we can action immediately with a third party data source meaning that the sooner publishers agree to Opting in to Effective Measure's emPower Attribution Program, the sooner we can work with EM to generate revenues back to the publishers

We spent the last couple of months successfully testing EM data. It’s quite apparent that having access to this data not only improves the targeting/ROI but most importantly enables us to spend a lot more on LOCAL inventory.

We support any initiative to build a market-wide approach which will be implemented with local publishers. Utilising 3rd party publisher data will be a best practice in the near future and will drive further growth of the programmatic ecosystem as well as Opening up a new revenue stream for publishers.

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