EM Newsletter July 2014

At Effective Measure, we are continuing to extend our position internationally in providing the gold standard for audience metrics. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) of South Africa has formally selected EM as the country’s online audience measurement supplier, following a rigorous competitive tender.
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EM Newsletter June 2014

Effective Measure has achieved global recognition from the ABC as an accredited Web Analytics Provider. Our platform now joins the ranks of an elite group of global measurement providers and vendors that provide internationally recognised and standardised data metric solutions.
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EM Newsletter May 2014

The Effective Measure team is very excited to announce the launch of our new mobile solution, EM Mobile to the market. Our new offering provides audience profiles and survey capabilities across mobile and tablet users with the ability to measure, evaluate and monitor the power of campaigns across all handsets, mobile and tablet devices.
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EM Newsletter April 2014

For global high-end technology brands, taking a broad approach to brand perception and positioning can no longer cut it in an increasingly fragmented media market. Brands need to start asking the right questions on brand perception and take deeper dives into the cultural terrain that stimulates brand adoption and sentiment.
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EM Newsletter March 2014

Expanding the international borders of Effective Measure has been an incredible journey over the last three years, and it’s always refreshing to come back to where we started and see how far we have come.
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EM Newsletter February 2014

When Mark Zuckerburg put US$16 billion on the table for WhatsApp this month, it wasn’t because it was part of Facebook’s mobile messaging play, it was fuelled by their love of acquiring user data and expanding their own digital perimeters.
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EM Newsletter January 2014

Welcome to 2014 and a new year of digital opportunity and growth. Global forecasts for digital advertising spend are promising with this year looking like it will be ripe for the rise of mobile.
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EM Newsletter December 2013

As we enter the holiday season, I am proud to announce a fitting end to a tremendous year where we expanded our global footprint to 41 countries and doubled the number of clients we serve.
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EM Newsletter October 2013

Anticipating the emerging digital hot spots globally is part of the Effective Measure remit and it is with great pleasure to announce that October marked the move into new territories with key clients and bolstered by a world class new management talent.
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EM Newsletter September 2013

The Effective Measure team has been active this month on the global front educating digital markets on the opportunities for diving deep into data.
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EM Newsletter August 2013

Being in the digital game necessitates a healthy love for disruption. Effective Measure is seeing those market shifts at close quarters and we are nimble and focussed enough to create products that catch those new waves and assist our clients in being equipped to take on whatever comes next.
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EM Newsletter July 2013

We are certainly in an era where digital capital is the name of the game. It doesn’t take the mega merger of the Publicis Groupe of Paris and Omnicom of New York to prove the point, but it helps.
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EM Newsletter June 2013

As we close the financial year, Australia is grappling with political uncertainty weathering a change in leadership and heading into an election, while globally economic uncertainty continues but one thing punctuates the flux, the online economy continues to power growth.
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EM Newsletter May 2013

Innovation and technology driven behavioural shifts continue to drive the global growth of the digital media industry.
Effective Measure’s client GroupM recently forecast that global digital spend will exceed US$113 billion by the end of the year.
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EM Newsletter April 2013

Effective Measure has achieved some very gratifying highs in the month of March. Our global network of stellar clients across the digital ecosystem continues to grow and Effective Measure is proud to be working with and assisting in the development of our digital media industry.
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EM Newsletter March 2013

The new quarter is accelerating with activity globally for Effective Measure and its clients. First up, we are extremely delighted to announce that that the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) has endorsed Effective Measure as the accredited digital audience measurement system for the Pakistan industry.
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EM Newsletter February 2013

Welcome to the New Year with the Effective Measure team around the globe, where we are all incredibly excited about the opportunities for growth and innovation in 2013.
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EM Newsletter December 2012

As we approach the end of 2012, the view from our Effective Measure operations across the globe indicate that the pace of the digital media industry is certainly still in acceleration mode…
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EM Newsletter November 2012

Welcome to the Effective Measure ecosystem, a place where digital publishing, advertising, metrics and analysis converge. In recent months, the EM team has been experiencing the full force of the true borderless nature of the digital environment we engage in…
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