Effective Measure strikes landmark alliance with Mindshare Singapore

Mindshare implements market leading GRP metric solution
SINGAPORE, 15 January 2013Mindshare Singapore, part of the global media network, has selected Effective Measure, a provider of digital campaign Gross Rating Point (GRP) measurement and advertising effectiveness solutions for its clients.
Effective Measure is the rapidly expanding global leader in digital audience profiling and measurement in emerging markets.
Under the landmark alliance, Mindshare Singapore’s digital campaigns will be measured by Effective Measure’s solutions, providing a new layer of consistency and constancy to digital metrics.
“Globally, Mindshare engages with a best of breed selection of technology and data partners and we are delighted to induct Effective Measure into that group. The complex demands of digital advertising means that we are constantly searching for the highest performing, data-driven, marketing intelligence solutions,” said Mindshare Singapore, Head of Digital Gregory Fortune.
Mindshare Singapore will implement the campaign measurement ‘Enable’ feature which will provide enhanced insights and data that surpass the generic metrics of clicks and impressions. “The Effective Measure platform will empower our team and our clients with informed, cross platform metrics that puts data into the hands of marketers to execute targeted reach and the most effective ad spend,” Fortune added.
Core to the Effective Measure solution is the digital GRP metric which assists in demonstrating the power of digital as a branding channel to advertisers, similar to what is used by traditional media platforms such as television.
“As an online measurement industry, we need to move towards creating metrics which are ultimately comparable with other forms of media, such as a GRP. By providing an advertiser with a GRP or similar for their digital advertising is not only more familiar to them, but also provides a much richer demonstration in terms of the campaign’s ability to reach the target market,” said Effective Measure founder and Senior Vice President – Market Development, James Robertson.
Mindshare Singapore will be leading the local market with this deployment as the first network to roll out Effective Measure’s digital GRP based solution on a significant scale in Singapore.
“This alliance with Mindshare is a validation of the investment that we have put into developing the highest grade solutions for dynamic, emerging markets such as Singapore. One of the biggest challenges in online measurement today, particularly in the emerging markets, is being siloed into old school measurement practices such as clicks, impressions, visitors and engagement. Effective Measure provides a mix of measures that takes into account the changing demands of an increasingly sophisticated digital market,” said Effective Measure Regional MD Southeast Asia, Dinesh Arasaratnam.


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