Haymarket Media teams with Effective Measure to amplify digital engagement across the Asian region

Leading specialist trade publisher takes digital measurement to the next level in Australian and Asian deal

Sydney, Singapore, 14 February 2013 – Leading custom media and trade publishing group, Haymarket Media has joined forces with Effective Measure to add a new dimension of measurement and audience insight to their digital assets across the Asia Pacific region.

Effective Measure is the rapidly expanding global provider of specialist digital audience profiling and measurement, founded in Australia and deployed in 31 countries around the world.

Under the new alliance Haymarket Media Asia and Haymarket Media Australia will shed its incumbent measurement providers and rollout the Effective Measure solution across its entire regional media group.

“Measurement is now the pulse of the online business, it needs to have the latest technology from real-time reporting to the management dashboards that support the editorial and advertising teams. It is time that the mould is broken. For too long we’ve had only one solution that is so clearly skewed towards the huge generalist networks at the expense of smaller, more targeted specialist web sites like ours,” said Haymarket Media Australia Managing Director, Jeremy Vaughan.

Haymarket Media will implement Effective Measure’s Audience platform, which allows digital publishers to engage in a deeper understanding of their online readership profiles, audience spending habits and unearth granular detail on what sections and articles readers are engaging with and why.

“The highly competitive pace of digital publishing and shifting audience dynamics, particularly for the specialist industry sector necessitates the most comprehensive digital audience analytic solutions available. Effective Measure’s globally proven solutions allow digital publishers to leverage previously un-mined data from their audiences and convert that trackable readership into highly coveted new monetisation solutions,” said Effective Measure, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Ben Sharp.

The solution will be deployed across Haymarket Media Asia’s publishing operations, which include the online titles, Campaign Asia, Campaign Asia Jobs, Campaign China (English & Chinese), Campaign Singapore and CEI Asia. While in Australia, Haymarket’s highly targeted online destinations include CRN, FourFourTwo Australia, iTNews.com, PC & Tech Authority, ProPrint and SC Magazine Australia. Additionally the group produces high-end digital properties and interactive brand executions.

“The move to Effective Measure provides our business with the measurement solutions that can support our brands and keep us ahead of the game. I’m excited by the way that Effective Measure is working with us to design and implement solutions that fit our business needs such as the real-time demographic profiling which allows us to present compelling and relevant opportunities to our commercial partners, focussing on the value of our audiences not just their size,” Vaughan added.

When publishers are ‘tagged’ and plugged into the Effective Measure platform, they are given 24/7 access to comprehensive audience data on their own dedicated dashboards, which will empower their negotiations and visibility with media agencies, advertisers and research organisations.

The Haymarket alliance represents the first Australian publishing deal to follow from Effective Measure’s strategic partnership with industry association Publishers Australia. Under the relationship announced in November, Publishers Australia members can get their digital assets tagged at no charge and gain access to the Effective Measure platform and its rich data insights. Publishers will have 24/7 access to this data on their own dedicated dashboards, which will empower their negotiations and visibility with media agencies, advertisers and research organisations.

“Specialist magazines that ‘live and breathe’ their particular sector have a unique and important place in advising brands on how to position themselves most effectively in cross platform opportunities. Using qualified data from Effective Measure, publishers can advise what is best for the brand, whichever publication or platform that may be,” said Effective Measure Founder and Senior Vice President Global Accounts & Market Development, James Robertson.

About Effective Measure
Effective Measure is the leading provider of media planning and audience profiling solutions in the emerging markets, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, ad agencies, ad networks, advertisers and researchers. Our solutions offer media planners invested in Oceania, South East Asia, Middle East North Africa and South Africa, a clear insight into the state of the Internet and the ever-growing Internet population. Find out more about the company at www.effectivemeasure.com

About Haymarket Media
Haymarket Media Group, headquartered in London and established in 1957, is a privately owned global media company with offices in the UK, Germany, USA and across the Asia Pacific. Haymarket Media Asia Pacific has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and know-how in print, online and events across a variety of subjects including IT, sport, arts and business. The global Haymarket network has over 100 consumer, professional, online, trade and customer publications worldwide. The group holds around 80 different magazine licenses in 28 languages and has partnerships with more than 40 different publishers in 36 territories globally.


For an interview request with any of the featured subjects or more information on this topic, contact Effective Measure Regional Managing Director – Oceania, Ben Sharp at ben.sharp@effectivemeasure.com or call +61 4 1494 6139.

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We spent the last couple of months successfully testing EM data. It’s quite apparent that having access to this data not only improves the targeting/ROI but most importantly enables us to spend a lot more on LOCAL inventory.

We support any initiative to build a market-wide approach which will be implemented with local publishers. Utilising 3rd party publisher data will be a best practice in the near future and will drive further growth of the programmatic ecosystem as well as Opening up a new revenue stream for publishers.

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