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  • Update to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

    Since launching in October 2015, the emPower data co-operative has been growing rapidly. We onboard new publishers every week, and the quality of data we provide to advertisers has earned us a reputation as the best local audience data pool in the MENA region.   With this in mind, we made a few changes to […]

    • The Best Audience Data For Middle East and Africa Now Available On MediaMath

      We’re excited to share that Effective Measure data is now available through international programmatic company MediaMath via their open exchange platform.     MediaMath clients will now be able access Effective Measure audience segments, which allow advertisers to target audiences in the Middle East and Africa whilst driving revenue back to local publishers.   This partnership […]

      • Greg Mason Appointed as South Africa Country Manager

        Johannesburg, South Africa – 30 November, 2016: Effective Measure, the digital audience measurement provider for IAB SA and data intelligence solutions company, announced today that Greg Mason joins them as Country Manager – South Africa as of 3 January 2017. Mason will be taking over the reins from from SSA Lead, Nicolle Harding, who moves […]

        • emPower Celebrates One Year Supporting Publishers

          In the 12 months since we launched emPower, 60 publishers and over 540 websites have earned monthly revenue through the data co-operative program.       We created the emPower program in October 2015 to help publishers monetise their data. Programmatic advertising was on the rise in the Middle East and Africa, and emPower was our solution […]

          • Speed Networking with Initiative Media

            Every couple of months, we organise a speed networking event that brings together a agency and a group of publishers. At our most recent event, we introduced South African media agency Initiative Media to six local publishers, including: Mail & Guardian, Maroela Media, Space Station, Bizcommunity, Entrepreneur Media and Perform Group.   Our speed networking events follow a […]

            • Why Gumtree South Africa Are Focused On Targeted Audiences

              In this month’s Publisher Profile, we speak to Veruschka Khan, who is the Head of Sales for Display at Gumtree South Africa about digital advertising, targeted audiences and why the South African digital industry needs to be more agile.   *The below statistics quoted from Gumtree are sourced from their internal Google Analytics results.   Tell us briefly about […]

              • ABC South Africa and Effective Measure Work Together to Ensure Digital Measurement Credibility

                Johannesburg, 20 October 2016 – As of 1 January 2016, Effective Measure, a leading provider of digital audience, brand, and measurement solutions, and the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of South Africa have been working together to give media owners the ability to rubber stamp and certify their digital statistics.   The ABC is well respected […]

                • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – October 2016

                  Nawaf Felemban, CEO – Kasra   Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent. Kasra is an Arabic website that empowers Arabs to be narrators of their own stories by publishing compelling content that readers will want to share with family and friends. Our goal is to break the current status of Arabic […]

                  • IAB Automotive Flash Poll

                    written by Gustav Goosen, Head of IAB Research Council   4 October 2016 – Automotive has had a tough year. Now more than ever do we need insight to understand what motivates consumers to purchase, which brands are being considered, and what impact the digital environment has on the path to purchase.   Together with […]

                    • Eskimi implements Effective Measure for transparent social network metrics

                      26 September, Cape Town, South Africa – Eskimi has started working with global measurement company Effective Measure to deliver transparent and quality metrics to advertisement partners. All Eskimi media clients and partners will be able to access the Effective Measure Dashboard to analyse statistics on Eskimi mobile web version usage.   Effective Measure integrates media […]

                      • AutoTrader – South Africa’s biggest automotive site – breaks traffic records

                        We spent some time with George Miene, CEO, and Angelique Lynch, Marketing Director, to learn more about AutoTrader’s remarkable success.   EM: Can you provide some insight into why your traffic stats are on the rise?   AT: The digital world evolves at a rapid rate and it’s important to continually innovate to meet customers’ […]

                        • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – October 2016

                          Marcus Zandhuis, Founder & Managing Director – Cape Town Magazine     Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent.  My passion is creating things that work. Well, that’s after a morning hike up Lion’s Head and a flat white, anyway. For us, is about creating a trusted and exciting discovery space. […]

                          • Speed Networking 6 Photos

                            On 6 September we hosted our 6th Publisher Speed Networking for 2016. Neo@Ogilvy kindly hosted the event which was attended by Exponential, The Spacestation, Ramsay Media, Spark Media and Turn Left Media. Thank you to all those that joined in the fun and we look forward to hosting the next one!   For any agencies […]

                            • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – September 2016

                              Patrick Atherton, Managing Director – The South African   Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent.  We’re a daily source of news and entertainment for South Africans both locally and abroad. Our teams operate from London, Cape Town, Jozi and Durban, delivering a voice and style that’s managed to attract […]

                              • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – September 2016

                                    Tajaddin Abdul Haq, Editor-in-Chief, Erem News Network   Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media you represent.   My name, Tajaddin Abdul Haq, has been associated with media for more than forty years, during which I worked in different traditional journalism forms, namely print, audio, and visual press.   I also […]

                                • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – August 2016

                                  Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent.  IAS Media is one of the largest and oldest international media representative company here in the middle East.  It commenced its operations in UAE back in 1991, and this is its 25th year of service.  IAS Media’s specializes in  all media verticals.  The […]

                                  • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – August 2016

                                    Kevin Ferguson, CEO, Highbury Safika Media     Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent.   HSM’s multimedia business has evolved from a publishing media house for the past two decades primarily focused on magazine publishing, with an emphasis on customer publishing that also expanded into consumer magazines. The business […]

                                    • Effective Measure Publisher Profile – July 2016

                                      Ryan Sessel, CEO, Velocity Media Tell us briefly about yourself and the digital media property you represent.  My name is Ryan Sessel and I am the CEO of Velocity Media. I am a chartered accountant by qualification but a globetrotting adventurer by nature. Post-qualification, I went gallivanting around the world on a life-defining trip that lead […]

                                      • Reflections and Projections with Effective Measure

                                        Johannesburg – 13 June 2016: It has been a significant year for Effective Measure. As the leading digital audience data provider across Africa and the Middle East, Effective Measure is dedicated to offering publishers gold standard audience measurement and commercial value. In March 2016, Effective Measure was acquired by Insiight, which saw the founders of the business move […]

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We support any initiative to build a market-wide approach which will be implemented with local publishers. Utilising 3rd party publisher data will be a best practice in the near future and will drive further growth of the programmatic ecosystem as well as Opening up a new revenue stream for publishers.

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