We are a bunch of really curious people, looking to form communities with others who are just as inquisitive.

Technology is our tool and we use the connective power of the Internet to reach out to groups of people defined by their similarities. These are your audiences.

We are innovators that like to keep things nimble, so we can reinvent and re-envision.

On our journey, we collected a large amount of data on an amazing range of audiences across the emerging markets, such as media consumption, site activity, consumer profile, sentiment and purchasing intent.

With so much valuable data in our hands we decided to put it all to good use.

Data requires context, not complexity.

We combined, segmented and analysed the audience data and made sure we complied with the ICC/ESOMAR Code.

Caring is sharing, so we created simple dashboards for media owners and professionals such as publishers, ad agencies, advertisers, ad networks and researchers to present this data in a relevant, organised way.

Because we believe that there is so much more that we can learn from all this data, we started throwing some ideas around and invented a bunch of cool targeted solutions that can easily be added to our dashboards as requested.

Today, our data on over half a billion people are used by individuals and companies that are deeply invested in the future of the emerging markets – helping the media industry and its partners communicate better with consumers.

Let curiosity get the better of you. Join the EM community now.